Total RNA Sequencing

Total RNA-Seq analyzes offer a comprehensive view of the transcriptome. A range of solutions tailored to your study purpose is available at SeqInsight. We are able to provide fast reliable and cost-effective service.

As noncoding RNA (ncRNA) continues to be recognized of biological importance, total RNA-Seq analyzes both coding and multiple forms of noncoding RNA for a comprehensive view of the transcriptome. Global analysis of RNA expression can enhance our understanding of all transcriptional activity. Total RNA-Seq enables analysis of coding and noncoding RNA with the high-confidence discovery of features such as alternative transcripts, gene fusions, allele-specific expression, and the detection of novel transcripts in both coding and non-coding RNA species.

SeqInsight combines ribosomal reduction library preparation chemistries and Illumina NGS technology into a single, streamlined protocol. Ribosomal RNA reduction chemistry minimizes ribosomal contamination and maximizes the percentage of uniquely mapped reads. With the consistent robust performance, total RNA-seq covers both mRNA and a broad range of ncRNA species of interest, including long noncoding RNA (lncRNA), small nuclear (snRNA), small nucleolar (snoRNA), and other RNA species.

Advantages of total RNA Sequencing

  • Precise measurement of strand orientation and uniform coverage.
  • Compatible with multiple sample types
  • Fast turnaround time and highest data quality
  • Lower cost and wide availability.
  • Effective transcriptome analysis

Total RNA Sequencing workflow

Our comprehensive RNA-Seq services provide the RNA sequencing workflow from sample preparation through data analysis, enable rapid profiling and deep insight of the RNA.

HLA Typing

Sample Requirements

  • Total RNA amount should be more than 5 μg.
  • Recommended concentration should be 20ug/uL or more.
  • A260:A280 value should be between 1.8 and 2.0
  • RNA should be stored in nuclease-free water or RNA Stable.
  • RNA must be validated using an assay such as a BioAnalyzer RNA chip. RIN value ≥ 7.0
  • Tissue, cell, blood, and blood products are acceptable.


  • Illumina High throughput sequencer
  • Flexible service options:single end or paired-end sequencing, optional reads number according to research goals.

Data analysis

  • Raw data QC
  • Alignment and TPM/RPKM/FPKM-based quantitation
  • Expression analysis
  • Statistics of SNPs/Indels
  • Alternative splicing analysis
  • GO and KEGG annotation
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.